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Pedagooogy 3000: a practical guide for teachers, parents and oneself –

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Título:  Pedagooogy 3000: a practical guide for teachers, parents and oneself

Autor: Noemi Paymal

Género:  Narrativa Testimonial

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Año publicación: 2013


Formatos disponible: Ebook (epub o mobipocket)

Precio ebook: US$ 2,99

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[tab]What is happening with education?

Why do so many parents and teachers say they cannot handle the situation?

What kinds of tools do the psycho-pedagogues need for the children of today?

What does the arrival of these gifted children with special abilities mean to all of us?

How to build a new society where Being is more important than Having?

How can we return to our essence?

How to emerge again with nature, Mother Earth and the cosmos?

Are we envisioning the birth of a new humanity?


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PART I. A new human being is appearing

Chapter 1. Incredible changes in the children and youth of today

Chapter 2. New behaviors, new ways of being

Chapter 3. Some features of the adults of this millennium

Chapter 4. What is happening today in our homes and schools?

PART II. Scientific references for a radical change in education

Chapter 5. The various intelligences of the children of today

Chapter 6. Exploring other forms of learning

PARTE III. Essential transverse resources, pedagogical methods and practical tools

Chapter 7. Essential transverse resources

Chapter 8. Some innovative and practical methods and experiences

Chapter 9. Bio-intelligent tools, essential support for parents and teachers

Chapter 10. Bio-morphic and bio-reconnecting tools

Chapter 11. Ancestral traditions as pedagogical tools

PART IV. Psychic talents in children and babies

Chapter 12. Psychic abilities in children

Chapter 13 How to welcome today´s babies?

PART V.  Pedagooogy 3000®

Chapter 14. What does Pedagooogy 3000 consist in?


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