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What is being a Human Being? Living in Duality | Ana Bott

What is being a Human Being? Living in Duality | Ana Bott

In this book, the author addresses classical spirituality-related topics with a fresh pair of eyes and digs into new ones offering her unique view. You’ll embark upon a journey with her to answer questions such as “Who is God?”, “Is there a spirit?”, “How was it created?”, “Is it immortal?”, “What is Free Will?”, “Are there Guides?”, “Who are they?”, “Is there more than just one universe?”, “What is multidimensionality?”, “Are there any other planetary systems like ours?”, “When did the man/woman become a Human Being with a soul?”, “What is it to live in duality?”, “Is there a missing link?”, “How was the Earth populated?”, “Is there intelligent life in the Universe?” This book describes in a simple and straightforward –yet deep– way the connection that lies between the Soul and the physical body that shape a Human Being. The author leads the reader through a world she calls the New Metaphysics arising out of bringing together Spirituality and Science. In addition, at the end of each part of the book, you’ll find a section with useful information. In Section I, there are simple techniques to work with spiritual energies that you can use on yourself or to help others. In Section II, the author explains her standpoint based on the most influential scientific theories of the 20th and 21st centuries.
The author’s ultimate goal is to Awaken Consciousness to Spirituality in every Human Being.

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Título: What is being a Human Being? Living in Duality

Autor: Ana Bott

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Año publicación: 2019

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