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Tales of Bariloche. Neil Callwood

This book is the result of many years of writing, unrelated topics, finally put into print. Some chapters are pure fiction, others pure truth, most of them are fiction based on real events in the experience of a National Parks guide. It is hoped that it will be useful to tourists who visit our beautiful park, that it will give them a slightly different view of Bariloche, with adventure stories set in such a beautiful environment. The author hopes you will enjoy the crazy adventures of Canefilio, his very dear mascot, nevertheless a pure figment of his imagination! He warns language students to be ready to search for the true meaning of the many idiomatic expressions and double meanings. Done up like a cat’s dinner isn’t an easy one! Neither is awe-full!


Título: Tales of Bariloche

Autor: Neil Callwood

Precio de venta: $1500

Año publicación: 2022

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