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A mirror for mankind. Alejandro Córdoba Sosa

All the stories in this flash fiction book, long to be acts of pure sovereignty of the spirit, the howl of an indomitable character before the overwhelming drama of reality. A Mirror for Mankind could be considered a legatee of all those cultures which the author explored across the decades of a personal and spiritual search, a whole journey of the soul that can be resumed as pure love for the human condition, beautiful and suffering. Thus he was able to create a literature that responds to its own aesthetic designs, producing a personal mythological ‘human comedy’, giving life to characters that seem to project their existence beyond the closure of the text, embracing the reader’s own thoughts.


Título: A mirror for mankind

Autor: Alejandro Córdoba Sosa

Precio de venta: u$s 3,99

Año publicación: 2022

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